Original and largest selling do-it-yourself laser toner refill

Brother HL-3040CN

HL-3040CN gets refilled

Original TN230M 40-00

(Source: printerbase.co.uk)

Toner refill bottle 14-40 ex VAT

Brother HL-2240

lever out the toner plug

Original TN-2220 40-83 ex VAT

(Source: misco.co.uk)

Equivalent toner refill bottle 15-00

Why should I believe you can free me from "the big manufacturers' game of Monopoly"

Because we freed ourselves first. In 1992. And in the two intervening decades we've run a typical print-hungry business exclusively on laser printers and only ever bought original cartridges when they were necessary for evaluation and testing.

U Refill Toner Ltd test lab Everyone "guarantees" it. How many will try it before trying to sell it to you?

We've printed literally millions of flyers, catalogues, instruction booklets and other promotional material. We know it's millions (in the plural) because we did 1.6 million copies on a single instance of a single laser printer: the HP IIISi.

As far as we know, we run the world's only test lab dedicated to developing and testing ways to refill laser printer cartridges on a "do-it-yourself" basis. We keep buying new laser printers, print with them, develop reliable ways to refill them and test the proposed approach and materials repeatedly. At the end of the process, we distill all that specific knowledge and experience into your first-time success pack for that printer - or "Starter Kit" as we've called it since the year dot.

See for yourself. Watch this video of us refilling the Samsung M2825nd

printers on shelves outside the test lab Printers queue outside the test lab to make "the supreme sacrifice" for refilling

As we write this, for example, we've got the Brother 3150CDW in the test lab. We've established that, unlike all previous Brother laser printers, it's not going to be an "unplug and pour" job.

And as the "me-too" toner refill bottle websites of the world tool up to sell you the previous HL-3040 toner, they're in for a shock. We publish these kind of insights through Facebook and our Printer Reviews page to help people choose laser printers that are good to refill in the first place.

Our research continues with the Brother 3150CDW. If you like some fun, find an internet site that looks to be selling bottles of refill toner for the Brother 3150CDW. Ring them up and ask them how many times they've done that refill themselves. Prediction: the answer'll be something like, "Ah .... um .... dur .... we have a full guarantee".

Why settle for getting your money back after it didn't work and you wasted your time? Instead, do what we did and get it right: first time. Now choose your manufacturer in the left margin.

From: Justin Burns, www.eirewater.ie
Sent: 20 January 2014
As a Director of Eirewater, I personally want to thank you guys for being inspirational. As we are an environmental sustainability company (specifically in the water sector) you have proven to us that innovation wins commerce every time.
Your company not only guarantees value for money to the customer, but in doing so actively promotes environmental sustainability.
We are awarding you the prestigious Eirewater Award for total commitment to ensuring environmental sustainability .... keep up the good work
All the best for now, Justin.
Justin Burns FCMI MIFireE

From: Roadlink Logistics Ltd
Sent: 27 November 2013 12:38
Hi, I would like to thank you for your products, I wish we had started refilling years ago. We have saved hundreds of pounds already, keep up the good work and I will keep ordering. Kind regards

From: Brunzeldesign.com
Sent: 21 August 2012 09:02
bought the second time from you and just wanted to let you know that I am impressed!
What it says on the tin! Well put together product with the right instructions.
Many thanks

From: Rob Hayles
Sent: 07 April 2012 17:27
Subject: Thanks for swift delivery, good instructions and a product that works
Driven by wanting to recycle and the need to save money I chose to order the four toner refills I required from you with some trepidation.
The delivery arrived within 48 hours and I spent a worried few minutes gathering the nerve to start the refilling process. Your instructions couldn't have been clearer and the kit included for the "melt and pour" system complete and easy to use. I found it difficult to get the backing away from the new chips but that was due to the smallness of the part and the clumsiness of my fingers and the only problem that occurred and I had completed the refilling of four cartridges within twenty minutes.
My next worry was whether manufacturer's firmware had rendered the chips unusable but a test print of 45 full colour pages of a long-awaited document was of the same quality as the first run I had made when the printer was new. I should have refilled earlier rather than putting up with partly faded prints.
So, for the sake of a bit of mess (I got better with practice and should have followed your instructions closer) and twenty minutes I saved over 60. Thanks for swift delivery and excellent instructions. I look forward to a few hundred trouble free printing pages and another twenty minutes refilling.
As I work with small businesses, charities and sole proprietors I will be letting them know of the savings to be had.

From: Johncrowther.co.uk
Sent: 25 February 2012 13:33
I'd just like to thank-you for your excellent service and help.
I bought a refill kit for the Samsung ML-1665 toner from you back in September. At the time my package was damaged by Royal Mail and I didn't received the screwdriver, drill bit or glue. You posted replacements out to me the next day, and were really helpful on the phone - great service!
I finally got around to performing the refill last week. I've been getting away with shaking the toner cartridge until now to get extra prints out of it. Your instructions worked well and were relatively easy to follow. It all works as expected. Great stuff.
John Crowther

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