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How you can save hundreds of pounds with toner refills

The world's last "unplug and pour" toner refill?

Original cartridge 43-22 ex VAT | Black refill bottle 13-50 ex VAT

See how easy it can be to hang onto to your cash by resetting and refilling the HL-L8250cdn, Brother's latest mid-range colour laser.

Refilling the L8250cdn exemplifies the "unplug and pour" refill. That's not a trivial fact from the refilling point of view. Add to it that you haven't got to fork out for any chips and you've got the current Holy Grail of toner refilling.

trouserless UK businessman

"I bought a colour laser printer for my small business"

UK suffers scandalous prices for colour toner cartridges

As so many of you have said to me over the years, "A set of new cartridges costs more than the wretched printer did in the first place." (I'm paraphrasing a bit when I use the word "wretched")

Google the price of the Brother HL-3140cw laser printer. The middle priced of 3 we found on 03/12/2014 was 113-00 ex VAT (

A quick tot up of even the 4 standard capacity cartridges gives us (3 X 48-00) + (1 X 49-00) = 193-00 ex VAT

What's that in the common tongue? A sprat to catch a basking shark? Bait and switch? (Too many fishing analogies, Ed). OK, a money-munching Trojan Horse for your desk?

Stop worrying and start printing

link to HL 3140CW toner refill video

Brother HL-3150cdw hi capacity cyan
62-70 ex VAT

(Source: 03/12/2014)

Toner refill bottle 14 ex VAT

From: Bill Welsh
Sent: 08 November 2014 11:50
Thank you thank you thank you for a fantastic product and well produced, easy to follow and accurate instruction video.
I recently purchased a Brother DCP-9020CDW and immediately purchased a refll starter kit from yourselves not wanting to be caught out when the printer decided the toner cartridge was empty. Sure enough the day came when there was a huge message displayed on the screen "Insert new black cartridge" I dug out the starter kit and followed the instruction on your brilliant video and lo and behold I've printed an additional 300 (YES 300) pages so far and there is still no sign of having to use the refil toner bottle purchased from yourselves.
I have no hesitation in recommending and will postiviely promote your products to all those I 'network' with - you simply deserve it.
Kind regards Bill Welsh
Director 4Governance Ltd

You save money with the UK professionals

U Refill Toner Ltd test lab Everyone "guarantees" it. Only professionals will test it for you

If you're going to refill your toner cartridge, you want to know that someone's tested it first, right? Preferably several times, so all the bugs are out of it.

In short, you want success on a plate: first time. See how far we're prepared to go to give you a positive refill experience in this video of us refilling the Brother HL 3150CDW

Sent: 31 July 2015 16:12
Hi Guys, Placed an order for one of your Samsung2022 refill kits and a second toner refill. The order arrived really quickly!! Watched the video of how to do it. This afternoon I refilled both the 2022 and the older Samsung in about 15 minutes start to finish!!! Really really impressed with the product and service!! Bonus being I now have 2 working printers full of toner for less than half the price of a single toner and have the melting tool ready for next time it's needed :)
Cheers, Jon.

Sent: 26 July 2015 21:19
I just that I'd write and thank you for producing such a useful product. Tonight I used it for it first time and I was amazed at how easy it was to cut a hole and refill the cartridge. I think the longest time was waiting for the hole cutter to heat up. Once again many thanks.

From: .... Bailey
Sent: 05 May 2015 10:51
I have just used your refill kit for my Brother 3040 and I am really impressed with how straight forward you make it, I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you.

From: tp
Sent: 01 May 2015 17:00
this is just to let you know that the black kit at least works on the present firmware of my Samsung c410w colour laser printer, even though the firmware has been upgraded twice since purchase.
Many thanks for the product.

From: Tom Weymes
Sent: 20 October 2014 12:58
Dear Dr Toner, You probably don't particularly want to know, but my 10-year-old Samsung 1510 mono has been providing you with steady if modest business for the past 9. Initial cartridge packed in after 5 refills/15,000 pages, remanufactured replacement cartridge now on its second refill at 18,000.
Tom Weymes

From: Robert A
Sent: 10 May 2014 20:58
I received the refill kit BR3150KITB for a Bother (HL-3150DCW) and have successfully refilled one of the cartridges the printer came with.
I am impressed with the kit. It has everything including mask, gloves and even a screwdriver. I had not expected such completeness. Very impressive.
regards, Robert

From: J Hall ||
Sent: Fri 02/05/2014 14:15
I basically stuck in the model number in google, amazon and ebay. The results either had cra**y websites, were just bottles of toner or only sold cartridges. I then came across your video on how to refill, which helped, so you were ahead.
I have to say great delivery speed! I ordered around 2pm yesterday and it's now in my hands :)

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