Samsung M2022 toner refill kit

Samsung M2022 toner refill kit

Never refilled a cartridge from the Samsung M2022 family? Hate reading through internet pages?

Then just order this dedicated toner refill kit now. All doubts and questions melt away as you follow in our footsteps and breeze your way to your first refill.

How can you be sure of that? Because we've done it ourselves: 11 times up until the 25th April 2014. And scrutinized every one of the 12,130 pages we printed.

  • Shows you how we did it, not how we imagine it could be done
  • Avoid problems - and get full value for money - by provoking "fade out" before refilling
  • Refill the "starter" cartridge that arrived with your new machine
  • Refill the MLT-D111S cartridge

The basic refill technique is "melt and pour", our notorious 1996 break-through (or "melt-through" if you will).

Learn this refill the easy way ...

Use to refill either the starter cartridge or bought cartridges for the following Samsung printers ..
M2020, M2020W, M2022, M2022W, M2070, M2070W, M2026, M2026w

Note: does not include a compatible chip. In our opinion, a chip might only be needed for the M2026 and M2026w. And even for those, probably not. The instruction booklet included with this kit goes into chapter and verse about all our findings. The bottom line is: if you've got the M2026 or M2026w you might have to get this compatible chip if you can't get around the stop messages that come up.

Note: you'll need your own duct tape to seal the melted hole.

£ 12.50 ex VAT

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