"Soft" reset for Brother HL-L3230cdw family

You can experiment with this "soft" reset on any of the following printers ...

DCP-L3510cdw, DCP-L3550cdw
HL-L3210cw, HL-L3230cdw, HL-L3270cdw
MFC-L3710cw, MFC-L3730cdn, MFC-L3750cdw, MFC-L3770cdw

It did work for us on our HL-L3230cdw, but we found that the "two finger salute" was successful on about 1 in 5 attempts. So don't give up if the button-press doesn't work on the first attempt.

A successful refill requires you to reset cartridges well before refilling them. If in doubt about when to put more toner in, please see the video here

How to do it

  • Wait until you get the "Replace Toner" message (and you can't print)
  • Open the front cover of the printer and leave it open
  • Give a quick simultaneous press of the BACK and CANCEL buttons ("Back arrow" symbol and "X" for HL-L3270cdw)
HL-L3230cdw reset Press back and cancel simultaneously
HL-L3270cdw reset Press back and X simultaneously
  • You might need to repeat a few times to get an absolutely simultaneous press
  • If successful, you'll see a code something like "K TNR-STD" or "M TNR-HC"
  • K = black, C = cyan, M = magenta, Y = yellow
HL-L3230cdw reset message
HL-L3270cdw reset message codes
  • Use down arrow to navigate to the colour in your "Replace toner" message
  • Select [your colour] TNR-STD
  • Accept

See us doing this to reset our HL-L3230cdw in this video.

You can see a different approach to resetting in our video here. Which makes use of reset wheels and worked for us first time, every time on our HL-L3230cdw.

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