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Refill your toner cartridge

Half the price. Half the carbon. Half the plastic

It stands to reason. The cartridge was expensive to make - both in terms of money and greenhouse gases. Reuse is the gold standard of green. No collection, transport or reprocessing needed.

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Refill to halve the price

Meticulous research by U Refill Toner shows that 8 out of 10 cats actually prefer their toner to cost less than their printer. No surprises there, then.

Refill to halve the carbon footprint

As shown by three independent studies.

The fossil fuels are still burning along with the forests. But there is light at the end of the Greenhouse Gas Tunnel. In the UK - a densely populated country with a big heating bill - renewables supplied 40% of electricity in 2022. At one stage in May 2022, 72% of the UK's electricity was being generated by renewables.

Now truly is the time for us all to "chip in" where we can.

You can make a difference by refilling your own toner cartridge. Yes, there's some effort involved, but it's cheaper and boy is it satisfying.

Refill to halve plastic

No two ways about it: an empty toner cartridge is a dirty great lump of pollution. Plastic waste truly is a scourge of the planet, its landscapes, its oceans and its air.

Relatively cheap compatible cartridges are flooding the world. When they're all empty, the environment has to deal with them one way or the other. Do they get burned? Buried? Or recycled? Nothing is greener than direct refilling and reuse, right where you are.

Trust the UK professionals

We're aware you're making an extra effort when refilling your toner cartridge. And we want to give you success: on a plate. See the video of us working with the Brother HL-L3230cdw to see just how far we go to make sure you get the success you want.

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From: Peter Blythe
Sent: 09/02/2023 12:07
Hi, I just ordered some black ink for my Brother printer, and the gadget to make a hole in the 'unfillable' toner cartridge. It worked brilliantly - genius!

From: Paul B
Sent: 21/01/2022 16:25
Awesome!! after using the reset wheel on my black toner twice i got another 5 months of printing but eventually started to get fadeout. so i used the melt and pour kit i purchased from you. then followed the clear instructions and printer running as good as new again. thanks guys great product and have saved me a fortune

From: Tim
Sent: 29/09/2021 23:50
Team, I have the HL-L3270CDW here in the USA. I have already reset one cartridge (Black) and today it ran out and I refilled it. Your print page clearly helps you decide. What a nicely engineered system if you are at least a little DIY inclined

From: Jazz J
Sent: 27/03/2020 13:13
I am absolutely amazed by the quality of your kit and how you have bundled it together. Using your 'easy' guides I managed to install the reset wheels, and the springs. I have now reset about 3 or 4 times all colours.
Today I was feeling a little nervous, becuase I actually had to put the black colour in. But there was nothing to worry about. Your instructions were spot on. My cartidge weighed about 405g, and as you had already mentioned that magic number, i had the confidence to know that it was empty. I filled it up (now it weights 525g), and I am as happy as a pig in poo

From: Gerald G
Sent: 18/06/2021 11:08
Just a quick note to say Thank you worked perfectly on my Printer … and very quick delivery. Many thanks

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